Der Film mit dem Mann (1995)

The circumstances:
The topic for this semester was: "Famous Last Words".

An older man is sitting in a room and is attending an unusual pastime. He removes the stickers of cans and replaces them with own-written ones.
His wife is upset about that and says, he should once do something useful ... - Yes, it's in german, but I think with this explanation the "message" is clear ...

1995, S-VHS, 5min

Idea, Camera, Directing, Editing: Mark-Steffen Göwecke, Burkard Grygier
Music: Mark-Steffen Göwecke

Man: Kurt Führer
Wife: Toni Puschner

Simple and without big expenditure made with SVHS-video in the kitchen at home. We tried to evade possible mistakes: if amateur-actors then just without lines. Even if lines, then in the "off". Edited with Punnacle DC-30 video-board.